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About Radhaa SK Trivedi

Mastering Vastu, Numerology, and Scientific Logo Design for Holistic Transformations

Radhaa SK Trivedi

Guiding Transformation with Vastu Wisdom

Professional Journey:
Radhaa brings over 15 years of invaluable multinational corporate experience, having worked with esteemed organizations like Sonata Software and ClickSoftware UK.

Transition to Occult Sciences:
Her formal journey into the world of occult sciences began in 2018 when she decided to take forward the knowledge passed on to her by her father to the next level. Radha channels her passion for creating positive spaces into a profession.

Multifaceted Expertise:
Radha is a multitalented professional proficient in various skills contributing to the overall harmony of life and surroundings. She is a certified Vastu Consultant, well-versed in both Vedic and Modern Vastu principles. Her expertise also includes astrology, corporate numerology, scientific logo design, business card analysis, graphology, and mentoring.

Expertise and Legacy

Harmonizing Spaces

Identity Crafting

A Multifaceted Expert in Vastu, Numerology, and Scientific Logo Design

Vastu Mastery

Radhaa SK Trivedi's proficiency in Vastu Shastra is marked by a deep-rooted understanding of the ancient science. Her guidance transcends traditional practices, incorporating innovative approaches to harmonize living spaces. Whether it's creating a balanced home environment or optimizing workspace flow, Radha SK Trivedi's Vastu expertise is the cornerstone of transformative living.


In the realm of Numerology, Radhaa SK Trivedi's knowledge extends beyond mere calculations. She deciphers the mystical significance of numbers, recognizing their unique vibrations and influences on events and individuals. Through personalized consultations, Radha unveils the profound impact that numbers can have on one's life, empowering individuals to navigate their journey with greater understanding and purpose.

Scientific Logo Design

Radhaa SK Trivedi, a skilled Scientific Logo Designer, goes beyond aesthetics, infusing symbols with positive energy. Her approach explores the scientific significance of shapes, colors, and symbols, transforming each logo into a strategic tool. Crafted under her guidance, these logos align with brand vibrational frequencies, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a positive connection with the audience.

Certifications & Affiliations:

Awarded Vastu Visharad By ICAS (Indian Council Of Astrological Sciences)

Vastu Acharya

Swar Vigyan - Dr. Rajendra Jain

Health Vastu Expert - Acharya Pankit Goyal

Advance Swar Vigyan Vastu Vid

Advance Industrial Vastu Expert

Advance Vastu Course By Acharya pankit Goyal

Scientific logo Analysis & Designing

Vedic vastu Advance Course

Join Radhaa SK Trivedi's transformative journey

Discover the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern living, and let positive transformations unfold seamlessly. Explore the solutions tailored for you and embrace a life of balance, prosperity, and well-being guided by Vastu Acharya Radhaa SK Trivedi. Welcome to a world where tradition meets innovation, and where each step leads to a harmonious and enriched existence.

Embark on your journey to a harmonious living with Svastu – Where Energy Meets Enlightenment!

Svastu is more than a consultancy; it’s a transformative experience aimed at creating spaces that
resonate with positivity, success, and well-being. Whether you seek Vastu solutions, astrological
insights, or expert guidance in corporate numerology, Radhaa SK Trivedi is dedicated to helping you
achieve harmony in every aspect of your life.


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