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By Radhaa SK Trivedi
Namaste! Svastu seamlessly merges ancient wisdom with modern living under the expert guidance of Vastu Acharya Radhaa SK Trivedi from ICAS. Explore the transformative power of Vastu, Numerology, and Scientific Logo Design, fostering positive change in homes, workspaces, and brand identities.

A New Approach To The Age Old Divine Science


Vastu, from Sanskrit, signifies dwelling. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, guides space design to harmonize with natural elements, fostering balance and well-being.

Vastu seeks to establish balanced, positive environments, elevating well-being, prosperity, and life satisfaction. It prioritizes aligning structures with natural forces, fostering positive energy flow to enhance overall harmony and positive living experiences.


Mystical study of numbers, exploring unique vibrations influencing events, individuals, and the environment, intricately weaving the metaphysical fabric of existence and shaping destiny.

Numerology helps unveil insights into one's personality, relationships, and life path by analyzing the numbers associated with names, birthdates, and events. It provides a framework for understanding and navigating life's journey.

Scientific Logo

Scientific Logo Design blends psychology, design principles, and brand strategy, creating impactful and communicative brand identities that transcend aesthetics strategically.

A scientifically designed logo is a powerful tool for brand communication. It not only represents a brand visually but also tells a story, evokes emotions, and leaves a lasting impression on the audience, contributing to brand recognition and recall.

About Radhaa SK Trivedi

At the crossroads of tradition and innovation stands Radhaa SK Trivedi, a bridge connecting ancient sciences to modern aspirations. Not a career pursuit but a passionate exploration, Radha is qualified as a Vastu Acharya from ICAS, infusing consultations with both knowledge and an intuitive grasp of life-shaping energies.

Transformative Vision

Dedicating years to the study of occult sciences, especially Vastu and Numerology, Radhaa unravels their profound impact on individuals and surroundings. These transformative experiences, coupled with her ICAS qualification, deepen belief and fuel a passion to share these sciences. As your devoted Vastu Expert, Radha’s vision extends beyond consultancy – aspiring to be your guide and mentor, offering insights for all seasons on a pathway to success, positivity, and prosperity.

How We Can Help You ?

Vastu, Numerology, and Scientific Logo Design – Transforming Spaces, Energies, and Brand Identities for Positive Impact.

Build Your Career

Optimize your career trajectory by integrating Vastu and Numerology insights into your workspace. Unlock the potential for maximum growth and success in your professional journey.

Grow Your Business

Elevate your business environment with Vastu and Numerology. Infuse positive energies, fostering a workspace conducive to growth and success. Align for prosperous business outcomes.

Live Healthy Happlife

Experience well-being and joy with our personalized approach to harmonious living. Through Vastu and Numerology, create a living space that nurtures physical and emotional health.

Better Relationships

Harmonize your home for stronger relationships. Vastu and Numerology guidance fosters meaningful connections and positive interactions, creating a fulfilling living space.

Financial Stability

Boost financial well-being with Vastu and Numerology. Non-disruptive solutions create stability and pave the way for lasting wealth. Experience positive impacts on your financial journey.

Children's Education

Optimize your children's study space with the guidance of Vastu and Numerology. Create an environment that fosters conducive learning, supporting their educational journey.

Why Consult From Us ?

At Svastu, we offer more than just guidance:  we provide a seamless journey from consultation to implementation for all your Vastu and Numerology needs.

Personalized Holistic Approach

Crafting personalized and holistic solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, fostering comprehensive harmony.

Happy & Satisfied Cliets

Our services are a testament to the satisfaction and happiness of our clients, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Simple yet Effective Remedies

Implementing simple yet highly effective remedies that produce significant results without the need for extensive demolitions, offering practical and impactful solutions.

Without Demolition

Our expertise in Vastu and Numerology ensures effective solutions that preserve the integrity of your space without the disruption of demolitions.

Corporate Experience

With a wealth of global experience, our Vastu and Numerology services are enriched with diverse insights and practices from around the world, catering to corporate needs.

One Stop Solution

Experience a comprehensive and hassle-free approach with us, serving as your single point of contact for all your Vastu and Numerology needs.


happy client
loyalty is earned

At Svastu, our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients.
Here’s what they have to say:
    Sarah K.

    Interior Designer

    Svastu transformed my home. Personalized Vastu insights brought positivity and harmony. Grateful for the life-changing experience!

      Alex M.


      Incredible Numerology guidance! Svastu.com's expertise revealed a new perspective, guiding me to success and fulfillment. Highly recommended!

        Maya S.

        HR Manager

        Svastu a game-changer. Holistic approach created a harmonious space, impacting relationships and overall well-being positively.

          Raj B.

          Financial Analyst

          Svastu expertise unparalleled. Personalized solutions enhanced both home and career. Thankful for the positive transformation!

            Lisa H.

            Marketing Director

            Svastu client-centric approach sets them apart. Dedication and insightful guidance make them the go-to for transformative living.


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